To purchase an NFT in NeftyBlocks on the WAX Blockchain follow these steps:

1- Go to:
2- Make sure you are logged into your WAX wallet within the NeftyBlocks platform
3- Search the collection you want to buy an NFT from e.g. “POPCORP”
4- Click on the collection once it appears
5- Select the NFT you want to purchase and click on it
6- You can now see the details and information of the NFT
7- Go forward and buy the NFT
8- You will be asked to confirm the transaction through your WAX wallet
9- Once purchased your NFT will form part of your Inventory and personal collection
10- Congratulations you now own an NFT on the WAX Blockchain! Your collections starts here!

For more POPCORP WAX blockchain video tutorials check our playlist:

If you want to get hold of a POPCORP zombie NFT find out more here:
POPCORP Website :
Twitter :

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